Day 10 – Saltillo

We started our day by walking along the Macroplaza (a long urban park built above one of the streets) where we listened to a marching band playing “Bésame Mucho.”

We ubered to a building where young people were giving fun acrobatic demonstrations.

The Fundidora, a steel foundry turned into a museum, boasts gigantic cauldrons that have been converted into unique fountains.

A fabulous concept, the museum comes complete with a guide (included with the ticket), a 300 foot tall laser and fireworks furnace show, a ride on the ore elevators (adapted to elevate humans), a river with pleasure boats that connect it to the city, and a gourmet restaurant with sweeping vistas of the mountains.

Mark made me drink from the fountain of youth… I hope it works!

Whoever invented tacos had a sense of humor…they are so messy and fun! We had the vegan version, rustic pizza, pistachio bread and a vegan brownie with local berries and coconut sorbet. Washed it all down with a glass of Mexican pinot.

We hopped on a boat back to Monterrey and managed to fit in a quick tour of the candy museum… who could resist?

We then drove 52 miles to Saltillo, arriving just in time for the crazy, fun Day of the Dead parade. There were lots of floats, mariachi bands, Coco impersonators, gigantes (giant puppets), motorcycles and dancers.

Many onlookers were just as appealing as the Calacas (skeletons) in the parade.

We also ran into the local T-Rex at the archaelogical museum, and its twin sculpture that had travelled to Burning Man.

For dinner we only had a free piece of the largest ever Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead), at least that’s what Saltilloans are hoping to talk the Guinness World Book of Records into!

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