Day 9 – Migrants!

We made it to Mexico! We woke up in Laredo, which Mark called Mexico Light because people were speaking Spanish everywhere, the AT&T store played salsa music and our buffet offered Beagles for breakfast…

Around noon we crossed the border and left th U..S on the rear view mirror…

Getting through the Mexican border with a car was complicated, but after about half an hour we completed the paperwork and headed southwest. The view was eerily beautiful. I made a clip that is in soft focus, and conveys the feel of the exotic landscape.

After 150 miles we arrived in downtown Monterrey, and went for a stroll. There were lovely parks, a contemporary art museum (designed by Legorreta) and pedestrian streets. Many people were outside, and nobody seemed concerned about drug wars, corrupt cops or anything but the nice weather. A friendly atmosphere and gorgeous gardens and architecture is what we found.

Papas asadas with tomatillo sauce and a fiesta burrito were in the menu. We headed to the University theater for a piano recital as part of the ongoing cultural festival. We ran into another giant pencil!There was a lobg line to secure free seats, but it turned out to be woth it, the pianist was outstanding.

Ubered back to our hotel, exhausted and satisfied.

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