Day 21 – San Miguel de Allende

Early this morning we ate tortas de frijol and then walked to the Panteón, where notable citizens of Querétaro lie buried. It’s a peaceful park with a lovely view of the aqueduct.

Querétaro has numerous perfectly manicured jardines:

We strolled among the magnificent casonas…

…and the dilapidated casuchas!

We finally decided it was time to drive 60 miles to our next stop. Although Querétaro was a hard act to follow, San Miguel de Allende did not disappoint.

San Miguel is very hilly, so the streets tend to be steep.

We saw two giants swirling in the street…

We made it in time to visit the fantastic toy museum. There were many one-of-a-kind toys hand made out of gourds, wood, straw, horn, and cardboard:

At the market we saw extraordinary sugar candies in fanciful shapes. I bought one so I could photograph the rest…

Then we found a nice terrace with a sunset view of the plaza…

…and we had hummus over eggplant and crispy paella (no Mexican food tonight):

After dark we walked through a lovely jardín to our hotel. On the way we found another toy seller…

…and aromantic couple having their wedding pictures taken.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 – San Miguel de Allende

  1. Aquí es donde me vuelvo loco, la cartonería me fascina amo todas las figuras fabricadas en cartón, añoro ser un maestro cartonero, que colores y que buena fotógrafa, es de familia jajaja 😉


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