Day 29 – Teotihuacán

Today is the anniversary of the Mexican revolution, which to us tranlsates into an extra long wait in line to go up the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacán. We drove 30 miles from CDMX to reach this ancient city and meet up with our friends.

This temple predates the Aztec empire by hundreds of years and is one of the largest man made structures in the world. Here is the neighboring Temple of the Moon as seen from the top of the Sun Temple:

It was amusing to roam the park photographing geckos, shopping and listening to the fake jaguar growls.

After our big day we ate at La Gruta, a giant underground cave turned upscale restaurant in the shabby village next to the ruins.

To reach the dining area we walked down the equivalent of three levels. Votive candles everywhere troplical flower arrangements and waitresses wearing beautiful outfits added to the charm. The menu included crickets and ant larvae!

We were not very adventurous when ordering, but added La Gruta to our long list of unforgettable places in old Mexico…

After dinner we parted ways with George and his lovely wife and drove 90 miles to Puebla.

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