Day 32 – El Tula and Hierve el Agua

Today we left Oaxaca early to accommodate a long drive and two stops along the way. Final views of Oaxaca:

Our first stop was to pay homage to the Arbol de Tule, one of the most massive trees in Mexico (about 1,500 years old). It has a 42 meter circumference, making it the stoutest tree in the world according to our reliable Wikipedia. We also bought some beautiful green amber from Yucatán, and ate homemade ice cream!

Next we went to Hierve el Agua (quite a detour, but worth the grief of a dirt road). The name means Water Boils.

The rocks give the appearance of a waterfall… The formations are created by springs, whose water is over-saturated with calcium carbonate. As the water runs over the cliffs, the excess minerals are deposited, in the same manner that stalactites are formed. Source: Wikipedia.

An agave or maguey at the park:

On the side of the road we saw a Mezcal making still, and stopped to learn about the process from the experts!

The burros were sooo cute…

Then came the long drive through Salina Cruz to Punta Conejo, which was to be our final night in Mexico.. The landscape along the route was memorable.

300 kilometers later we arrived at Punta Conejo just in time for sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

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