The first chapter in our Panamerican Highway Quest

Thanks for joining us!

We left Cincinnati on Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

We stopped at 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville to admire their collection. We also enjoyed an unforgettable dinner: Mark had a blackberry and brandy raisin strudel, with crispy delicato squash rings, burnt honey vin and bay powder. I chose the beet salad with mushroom soil, plums, urfa (South African spices) and agri with honey. We washed it down with a delicious shrub soda.

In Louisville we found the Slugger Baseball bat company.

Stopped in Evansville, Indiana. 230 miles.

5 thoughts on “The first chapter in our Panamerican Highway Quest

      1. Well … I’ve been blogging for 10 years about many topics – including travel and dance. Just follow the link beside the blue eye. Under Recent Posts (on the right) you will see my first post about our western trip. (On Vegas). The next one will go up tonight around 8 (your time). I’ve written a little about Eastern Europe (see the right sidebar > Categories > Travel > Eastern Europe for my initial thoughts. I’m currently drafting posts about that trip – but I imagine they won’t appear until around or after Thanksgiving. Time will tell.


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