Day 3 – St. Louis, Museum Day!

Today we started with the SLAM (St. Louis Art Museum). A gorgeous building with amazing exterior art. Highlights: Claes Oldenburg’s giant 3 way plug, a life size stainless steel tree, and a monumental equestrian sculpture.

Inside the museum we saw world class works. I was happily surprised to find Guatemalan art… a small painting by Carlos Merida, “Three Princesses,” and a Mayan vase showing ball players with fun animal headdresses.

After lunch we headed to The City Museum. An eclectic, interactive quirky place. We saw displayed together (among many other crazy objects): a school bus hanging over the ten story building, airplanes, architectural elements salvaged from century old buildings, aquariums, mosaics, a 100 foot long pencil (with actual lead and a genuine rubber eraser), wrought iron sculptures, antique self-playing pipe organs, and a ten story slide, which Mark was brave enough to ride!

On the roof we rode a ferris wheel and Mark caught a praying mantis!

After this long day of adventures we still hopped in the van and drove 270 miles to Branson, Missouri!

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