Day 5 – Bentonville, Arkansas

Today we managed to see the Down Home Country performance before driving 85 miles to Bentonville. On the way we stopped for lunch in Eureka Springs, a quaint town un the mountains with a great taffy store, beautiful antique sttructures, and a convenient Husband Daycare!

Crystal Bridges Museum belongs to the Walton family. The design echoes the shape of the hills into which it is nestled. It sits over a creek which was dammed to create a pond. The museum houses an excellent collection of American art. We saw Rosie the Riveter by Rockwell. We also toured a Usonian house by Frank Lloyd Wright and had a tasty dinner of toasted quinoa and Anasazi beans at the museum’s restaurant under a giant Jeff Koons heart. After dark we drove 77 more miles to a hotel along the road.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Bentonville, Arkansas

    1. The buildings are called called Crystal Bridges, and are built with hanging bridge technology, using 4” thick cables connected to concrete columns. Unfinished concrete and copper roofs are meant to age naturally. This is what happens to the dollars spent at Walmart! xxx


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