Day 6 – Teeeexas

Today we woke up in Van Buren, Arkansas and drove 500 miles from the top to the bottom of Texas. Our goal was to reach Houston, and we did, after a long day. We stopped in Dallas to eat (spinach and mushroom enchiladas in red sauce) and to buy allergy medicine. The highlight of our day was a nice sunset followed by our highway dinner from Buc-ee’s Truckstop: Garlic hummus and black refried beans with chips and pretzels, complemented by fresh Guatemalan (or maybe Hawaiian) pineapple.

Bonus – I an including some images from a couple of days ago in Branson: A disparate group of objects vying for attention along Country Boulevard: a giant Titanic, a life size King Kong, the biggest rooster I’ve ever seen, a vintage Dodge truck, a yellow airplane, an oversized Bust of Ronald Reagan, a 20 foot Transformer, and an army of duck boats!

6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Teeeexas

  1. Danke, dass wir an Eurer Reise teilhaben können…♥️
    Wunderschöne Fotos….
    tolle Berichte….
    love Heiner und Angela


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