Day 7 – Houston

We attended Joel Osteen’s church, with 14,000 other people! It was a great service, even though Joel wasn’t there today. Lakewood is the largest church in the country.

We then visited the Menil Collection, which has a Cy Twombly Gallery and a Rothko chapel.I was only allowed to take a picture of this beautiful Yves Klein work from a distance.

Afterwards we had lunch at a Chineese café where they make your preferred type of noodles while you wait. Fascinating…

We wandering through the Hong Kong City Mall; we bought delicious snacks at the Asian grocery store that also sold live crabs, roasted quail and cone shaped hats among other necessities. We enjoyed listening to a Chinese musician while a Buddhist monk stood by. Houston has the largest Asian population in the U.S., just behind Los Angeles.

In the evening we walked around downtown, saw the baseball stadium (Astros) and a lovely park with a friendly Dubuffet sculpture. At the Bombay on Main street I ate a Frankie naan roll filled with poatoes mashed with Indian spices, onions, ginger garlic, sweet peas, carrots and tpped with pickled onions and cilantro-mint chutney. Tasty!

4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Houston

  1. Wunderbare Berichte und
    Fotos…… gerade als wenn wir selbst dort vorbei kämen….. love
    Heiner und Angela♥️♥️


  2. ese azul de Klein es tan vital, de Joel me gusta (ESTE ES TU MOMENTO) me habría encantado conocer a Dubuffet y a Bourgeois, que extraordinario mantenimiento de la obra de Dubuffet y pobres pollos 😦 saludos


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