Day 15 – San Luis Potosí

200 miles stood between us and our destination today. Before we left Guadalajara, though, we had to make one final stop in Zopopan.

Selling home made remedy to a friend:

Zopopan is an attractive town with beautiful pedestrian streets that has been swallowed by Guadalajara, like Tlaquepaque and Tonalá have. Mark’s favorite were the fresh sugarcane slices. My favorite was the umbrella lined street.

Once on the road the landscape became arid again. We scheduled a stop in Aguascalientes for a late lunch. Another lovely provincial city, with a Sanborns (a department store chain found in many cities) conveniently located in a gorgeous old building on the main plaza, where ate pasta and nieve de limón, and walked around a bit.

This photo reminded me of a Van Gogh sky dotted with Magritte clouds:

We arrived in San Luis Potosí after dark but still were able to enjoy a pleasant stroll around the plaza where we had dinner and listened to the carrollier play Ode to Joy. The well preserved ancient buildings were lit to great effect.

People were strolling around and enjoying themselves by the hundreds on the pedestrian cobblestone streets. There was even a group of young people filming a movie while we ate dinner! We walked up to the gazebo which reminded us of that scene in Sound of Music we love: Sixteen going on Seventeen. Mark loves to remind me that he is older and wiser then me! Wonderful evening…

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – San Luis Potosí

  1. Rebeca te has robado personas con esa cámara en instantes geniales he tomado una imagen para mi diario visual gracias, el día 12 es mi favorito.


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