Day 14 – Tequila

Today’s goal: 32 miles to Tequila, another Unesco World Heritage site, via Amatitán (not Amatitlán!), but not before enjoying delicious bowl of oatmeal with berries.

On the way we visited the ceramics museum in Tonalà, where historic and contemporary pieces from the area can be admired.

Local pharmacies on a price war…

The road to Tequila is dotted with gorgeous blue agave patches.

At the main plaza we saw flying performers who climb up a 70 foot pole and then tie themselves to a rope and slowly “float” down to the ground.

We bought some woven agave souvenirs and headed for Casa Sauza, a beautiful hacienda that served as a backdrop for the agave cutting demonstration.

We saw the barrel ageing process at La Constancia.

Afterwards we went to La Perseverancia, where the Difusor (a drying contraption that shortens the production process and gives them an advantage over the competition) is located.

On the way back we headed towards Tlaquepaque, but followed the wrong crowd and ended up instead at the Feria Ganadera (livestock exhobition). It was like a county fair with lots of rowdiness, loud bands, restaurants, cattle and beautiful horses.

We enjoyed it very much. Marquitos chatting with El Chavo:

Here is one man band without arms playing the harmonica and keeping beat with a tambourine attached to his foot:

We de-veganized ourselves to taste the típico suckling goat.

Afterwards we attempted a visit to Tlaquepaque. It was too crowded so we didn’t stay long.

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