Day 23 – Guanajuato

For breakfast we had squash blossom chilaquiles and granola, next door to the famous teatro Juárez.

We engaged Salvador, a historian/actor to help us discover Guanajuato. We walked the streets for many hours while he enlightened us with his knowledge. He explained the influx of political refugees from Spain during Franco’s regime in the 1930’s. Their legacy: Don Quixote themed art and the Festival Cervantino.


Don Quijote y Sancho.

Teatro Juárez, a tribute to a beloved president. The bronze muses came from Ohio, according to Salvador.

An enthusiastic street singer.

The university.

Gravity defying hounds.

Miso soup. And finally a treat to listen to the ten year old winner of a regional competition in which he beat all older teenage competitors.

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