Day 24 – Yuriria

Today we had dobladas poblanas con hongos and jugo verde (mushroom enchiladas and green juice)…

We then drove from Guanajuato towards the Butterfly Sanctuary. Along the way we stopped in three towns. The first one, Yuriria, I had seen in a painting at a museum. The monastery is now a museum.

It is an amazing structure built in 1550 by the local indians under Spanish direction. It has gothic style arcades:

An original clock from the tower was on display:

A bouganvilea tree:

Next we stopped at Tlalpahaua de Rayón, famous for christmas glass ornaments and artisan sweets (candied apricots, apples, sweet potatoes, figs, jocotes and pears).

Our final, quick stop was at El Oro de Hidalgo.

After driving 250 miles we reached Macheros in time for a sopa de tortilla dinner and a warm bed.

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